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I would have to say that this site's general theme is going to be my professional experience regarding web development and software development in general. I also have a big interest in the Information Security realm, so I might write something about that as well.

So, to start things off, I have copied some of my old site posts (and their visitors' comments, if any) onto this site, so more visitors can benefit from them, like others already did.

This site changed a few times in the past. At first it was based on ASP.NET, then it moved to Drupal 6 and now I finally upgraded it to Drupal 7!

The site is based on Bootstrap 3.0 which means it is compatible with mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. One code to fit them all!

Scroll down to see my most Recent Posts and look for more interesting information down below in the Post Archive section.

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Working Example: Select Box Dependency Using jQuery

When using complex data structures in online forms you may need to enforce the data structure hierarchies on to the forms themselves. For example, let's say we have two data tables that implement a hierarchy. We have table A that holds the top level of the hierarchy and table B that holds the lower level, where each item is linked to an item in the top level. This could be a "one-to-many" reference, or even "many-to-many".
In the online form we will use two select boxes, one for each table. These could be either single or multiple choice select boxes.


How to remove first line of every file using grep and xargs

If you have a Wordpress site, you may have encountered some security issues that resulted in some suspicious and obfuscated PHP code being injected in your Wordpress PHP theme and plugin files.
This malicious code usually starts with something like eval(gzinflate(base64_decode... and them some encoded data.
If you were to look it up in Google, you will probably find lost of references, most of them saying that this code is a hack that injects some IFRAME tag into your Wordpress HTML pages or download some file from some god forsaken IP address.

The best way to deal with these sort of things in Wordpress, is to make sure you have the latest Wordpress version installed, add some well known security plugins, like BulletProof Security, and take care of the file permissions on the server (not ALL users should have WRITE permissions).

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Ehud Ashkenazi
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