Goodbye .NET. Hello Drupal!

When I first started creating this site, I was determined to write every piece of code myself. I love building things from scratch and I think that it is the essence of being a software developer.
So, I have built it all using ASP.NET: page code, database integration, web styling... and it was a lot of fun.
I knew back then that there are all kinds of Content Managing Systems (CMS) out there that promise to do things easy for you, but I thought they are quite restrictive and not worth the effort.
The site was online for a few years, but updating its content was not easy and took a bit of work. I have created the site and its content but not a CMS, so for every post I wished to publish I had to do a lot of manual work.

Then came Drupal. I started to get to know Drupal during my work and quite easily I learned how to use it and tweak it to my benefit. I have to admit that Drupal is not the simplest CMS out there, but its complexity gives you the flexibility other CMS just don't have.

So, I have decided to migrate my .NET site to Drupal and here it is before you!

Hope you like it...


Loved your headline!

Totally agree: Goodbye .NET. Hello Drupal!


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