How to turn off Glassdoor app requests on Facebook

In the past few days my Facebook account has been flooded with Glassdoor application invitations, coming from various people. I tried my best to ignore those invites but they were relentless.
It seems that there is a way to turn these invites off for good... Next time you get an invitation to join Glassdoor on Facebook, open the "Notifications" drop menu on the top left (or right) of the page - next to the "Facebook" logo. This menu is opened by clicking on the "globe" like icon.
Hover over the Glassdoor request and you will see a small "x" that allows you to close the request. Click that "x" and then you will see a button titled "Turn off" that allows you to turn off invitations from Glassdoor for good.. click and you're done! No more annoying requests!

I'll try to add some more screenshots later on... Enjoy :)


delete glassdoor account

delete glassdoor account

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